Handcrafted with Love at a Refugee Camp.

Handcrafted with Love at a Refugee Camp.

Bubu & Lulu makes thoughtful, culturally diverse toys that empower and employ disabled refugees. Handmade Wooden Blocks for your little ones that truly give back.

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The Story Behind our Toys

Bubu & Lulu Toys is a social enterprise that works closely with the UNRWA Rehabilitation Center in the Jerash (GAZA) Camp in Jordan to assist disabled refugees residing in the camp in generating a fair income through their crafts. It's the reason we get up every morning!
The Story Behind our Toys

Block Features

Our blocks are made with utmost care.
Bubu & Lulu Mix & Match Blocks are the product of skilled artisan hands at work. These artisans are also disabled refugees.
Culturally Diverse
Our toys expose children to the multi-ethnic and cultural diversity that we live in today.
Socially Conscious
A portion of the proceeds go to aid in the development of the UNRWA Rehabilitation Centre in Jerash (Gaza) Camp in Jordan.